What is...?


Dr Bike

Dr Bike is totally free. You can come to one of our dedicated sessions on the calendar opposite.


One of our experienced mechanics will do a safety check of your bike and give you a report sheet on your bike's overall health. They may make small repairs or adjustments where possible, however this is at their discretion and no substitute for a regular service performed by an experienced bike technician.


The aim of these sessions is to give you an idea of the overall health and maintenence of your bike and point you in the right direction if your bike needs serious help. 


 Lunchtime/led walks

Our led walks are totally free and aimed at all ability levels. Lunchtime walks normally last 30 minutes and follow a scenic loop around the local area. They are aimed at helping people get away from their desk and outside to enjoy the benefits of fresh air during their lunch break. 


Led bike rides

Typically our led bike rides last about an hour each and are also completely free. They are designed to build your skills and confidence in cycling safely using a mixture of roads and cycle paths.


We would recommend coming to several of these sessions to help build your cycling skills. Our rides are never any longer than five miles. When you feel confident in going further we are happy to point you in the direction of other local cycling groups who can support you in your journey.